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“There Is Widespread Consensus That The Legal Profession Stands At An Inflection Point.”
–The Harvard Law School Career Study

I have a vision for the evolution of our profession.

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You may be advocating for others, but who is advocating for you?

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All lawyers reach an inflection point in their careers when they face life-changing decisions.

ŸWorking harder, Ÿtrying to find work-life balance,Ÿ severing relationships, Ÿand quitting ...are outdated solutions leading you to an important mistake.

I offer free confidential consultations with select lawyers as a way of giving back, and ongoing coaching and consulting services to lawyers and firms.

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I offer training to advance the full potential of millennial lawyers.

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My courses distill years of research into ethics, personal power, coherence, and peak potential—designed especially for attorneys.

In a time when it often seems more fashionable to express cynicism rather than sincerity, it is a pleasure, and extremely uplifting, to encounter professionals who can unabashedly express their enthusiasm, excitement and joy for their work.
M.C.T., Vinson and Elkins, Houston

The exhibited level of expertise and enthusiasm for your craft held me in awe for three days.

S.R.Z., Seminar Participant

I will highly recommend you in the future, and try to use you at every opportunity. I must give you my highest professional commendation for your work, your appearance, and your professionalism.

D.G., Attorney, West Texas

As I have said to you and others, you are probably the most astute lawyer I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

J.C.N., Vice president, realty investment corporation

I want to tell you that I thought you were fabulous. At least ten of the people attending either came up to me or have called since the seminar to tell me that this was one of the most interesting and useful they had ever attended.

J.K.R, Bar Association President

Ross’s patience and ability to come up with creative solutions is refreshing. He is a joy to
work with.

L.M., Attorney

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